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Ultra-fine hair is one of the easiest to style as you can effortlessly comb through and blow-dry it quickly. Many people with this hair type will tell you it requires daily shampooing, due to loss of volume when the hair becomes oily. As well, with aging, there are additional concerns about hair loss that can be amplified by color or chemical treatments that damage the hair. Where styling is concerned, this hair type often has difficulties holding curls and maintaining bounce, particularly if conditioning is needed.

Good hair styling and an appropriate haircut can do wonders to enhance visual volume, but heavy styling aids and conditioners will quickly weight down the hair and it will become flat and lifeless. ​

Jay’s products for fine or thin hair are free from silicone and heavy oils that reduce volume. J'Yano Hair Care for fine hair is formulated to maintain lift at the roots and body throughout. With just the right amount of product, styled well through proper techniques, you can lift and transform your mane into a rich, full locks.

Tips for Fine Hair:

  • Shampoo daily
  • Rinse with tepid water to boost luminosity
  • Sparingly apply conditioner on the end of the hair – never at the scalp
  • Towel-dry thoroughly before applying styling products or combing to reduce breakage
  • Blow dry or use easy-release rollers under bonnet dryer to enhance volume
  • When styling use a brush that won’t break the hair
  • Don't tear or pull the hair when combing
  • Twice a week do a deep cleanse to remove build-up from styling products
  • Use a medium hold hair spray