Do you struggle to maintain your full wavy, thick or coarse hair? Do you think twice before shampooing because you know it’ll take a long time to dry and style as your hair is hard to manage? Then you’re most likely someone who does not have to worry about thinning or loss of volume, which is a real concern for so many clients. ​

We suspect your lush locks are probably one of your most outstanding features. The very thing that makes your hair full and bouncy can also present some real challenges on the styling side of things. Perhaps you’ve used chemical treatments to manage your hair or you’ve given up and accept it will take a long time to make it manage the frizz.

Jay believes that with proper technique and products, you can transform your hair into absolutely amazing, gorgeous locks that won’t take forever to perfect! You might not want to - or have to - shampoo every day, but when you do we can help you manage your hair so it becomes silkier and easy to style.

With TLC and JYano Hair Care you can optimize hair volume, manageability and texture. Our hydrating shampoo, styling aids and deep conditioners will transform your tresses! ​

JYano Hair Care is the result of over 30 years of hands-on experience of what actually works for hard to manage, coarse hair. Our nourishing botanical formulas pamper and perfect hair quality with rich, hydrating treatments that help you achieve superior hair quality and ease of styling so you don't have to spend as much time stressing about your hair.